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STVDIO NOUVEAU is an electronic music and multimedia art duo. Their work represents the intersection between 3D digital sculpture and animation, AI generated imagery, illustration, and video art - all paired with musical compositions.

Their music is functionally "post-classical," utilizing the full palette of modern sounds and styles freely at their disposal, while utilizing old forms and structures to present their vision for 21st century art music.

Their work is visually characterized by ambiguous settings and structures, and is underpinned by a self-described "abstract multi-verse narrative."

STVDIO NOUVEAU's first album "Audiovisual" was released summer 2020 via SuperRare as a set of ten onchain audiovisual pieces.

Their second album "In Motion" was released track by track across multiple platforms as onchain audiovisual pieces, which are each accompanied by 3D sculptures as featured in each piece.

Their third album "Simulation 3" is a five movement electronic piece, which was released track by track on

STVDIO NOUVEAU is now working on their fourth album.


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Iconomorphs is STVDIO NOUVEAU's first long form series of AI generated images.

Each Iconomorph is a text prompt AI transformation using a single source image: “Icon Alpha, the Unmorphed.”


The resulting outputs serve as a snapshot, a glimpse into a potential timeline and era, all stemming from the vast abstract multiverse narrative of STVDIO NOUVEAU.

Iconomorphs #121.png
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"Alliance" on Nifty Gateway

STVDIO NOUVEAU's latest work "Alliance" was created for the 7th edition of CryptoCubesCreators, recently released alongside 15 other artists on Nifty Gateway.

STVDIO NOUVEAU makes their debut

On December 26th, 2022, STVDIO NOUVEAU will release the genesis track of their new "Singles" series - "Vapors"

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STVDIO NOUVEAU makes their debut on Catalog

On June 6th, 2022, STVDIO NOUVEAU released their first piece on the Catalog platform. This is the first track of their third album.


"Aesthetically Sound" Exhibition 1stDibs

On October 20th 2021, STVDIO NOUVEAU released the final series of their 2nd album: "Portals" - a 3 part audiovisual series, featured as part of the 1stDibs "Aesthetically Sound" Exhibition. 


1stDibs Logo.png
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STVDIO NOUVEAU Decentraland Gallery

Historic photo of the original Studio Nouveau Decentraland Gallery from summer 2020.

STVDIO NOUVEAU in SuperRare Editiorial

(10/6/20) Read Stvdio Novueau's recent featured SuperRare editorial on the topic of crypto music!

"Crypto Music: A Way Forward for the Music Industry"

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 3.09.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 3.39.17 PM.png

STVDIO NOUVEAU Featured for SuperRare AI and Generative Art Week

(Sep 2020) Stvdio Nouveau's sculpture "Sirens" was featured outside of the SuperRare Art Gallery in

Decentraland for AI and Generative Art Week!

Editorial: "SuperRare Generative and AI Art Week"


"Audiovisual" is STVDIO NOUVEAU's first album of multimedia music pieces. It was originally released track by track between July to September 2020 on SuperRare:

Each audiovisual piece contains sculpture images, paired with GAN generated landscapes, music tracks, and video effects.

In Motion

"In Motion" is STVDIO NOUVEAU's second album of multimedia music pieces. It was released track by track as single edition onchain works across different platforms, including SuperRare, Blockparty, MakersPlace, 1stDibs, and using a custom Manifold contract. This album introduces 3D choreographed compositions.

Simulation 3

STVDIO NOUVEAU's third album, which was released track by track in 2023 via

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